Obesity and weight related issues have dominated health care industry for the last decade. People have realised the health hazards that one could invite if they crossed the healthy threshold weight limit. However, recently people have even become more conscious about the effects of excess weight on their appearance. Naturally, cosmetic industry is abuzz with finding newer means and better techniques to cope with problem of obesity. While surgery is definitely a way to remove excess fat, not everyone is comfortable going under the knife. Besides, surgery may not be a feasible option for everyone. Such people can immensely benefit from the below therapeutic options , Innovative technologies that can bring about weight loss without surgical intervention.


When the body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures it increases the body’s metabolic rate to produce heat and helps burn from 500-800 Kcal per session. When coupled with physical activity, these numbers increase exponentially. After multiple sessions, the accelerated metabolic effects last longer, resulting in a loss of 200-300 calories per day, burning 2 Ibs of body fat per month. In fact, regular use of a cryotherapy cold sauna will elevate and maintain a higher basal metabolic rate. This is solely results from whole body cryotherapy – you will experience even more if you couple it with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

In the hours after the treatment, your metabolism will still be hyper-charged and ready to lose even more weight. As your body recovers from your treatment, you can engage in low level exercises to help you continue to shed the weight.

It is the effect of your body warming itself back up by burning your available energy reserves that causes the weight loss.

Ion Magnum

In this treatment Pure Analog Multisine Waveform is used to provide the benefits of a rigorous physical training, without undergoing one. When we exercise our brain sends signals to the corresponding muscles. Ion Magnum mimics these signals so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing an intense muscle-toning workout.

It is the effect of your body warming itself back up by burning your available energy reserves that causes the weight loss.

High Focalised Ultrasound

In this technology, ultrasound energy is used to burst fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. This is an effective technology for fat loss as the burst fat cells are rarely replaced after a certain age.


Laser beam is used to target light sensitive chemicals called cytochromes in the cell mitochondria. When mitochondria are stimulated, ATP production increases, which results in the widening of arteries. This in turn, increases flow of blood and oxygen to the targeted areas.


High radiofrequency energy is used to cause targeted deep thermal heating. This initiates metabolic activity and the local fat tissue lipolysis process is accelerated. The result is such that the fat cell volume decreases and the fat layer reduces.

Acoustic Wave Technology

Acoustic waves are used to induce vibration within the body. The non-focused, strong pulses lead to fat loss.

Thus, Aesthetics therapies – obesity treatment focuses on improving your muscle mass and metabolic rate with a gradual loss of weight at 2-3 kg/month. Such weight loss, which is achieved through the implementation of unique and advanced technologies is an extremely healthy weight loss treatment.


Obesity is the most common lifestyle disorder, it is treated with “Panchakarma Theraphies” at ayurvedic treatment centres. For more information please see our separate article in Non Medical Services Section.