Treatment Package

International patients travelling to other countries like India for medical treatment expects quality care with significant savings in cost. Over the years India has emerged as medical tourism hub as we provide quality care at affordable cost. Complicated surgeries, organ transplant, life-altering or life-saving treatment are provided at international quality care and at affordable cost in India.

Chennai Medical Tourism guides the international patients to choose the Right Surgeon/Medical Expert, Right Hospital and the Right Cost for the treatment. Our non-medical services Arabic translators, customized food, FOREX services, shopping and sightseeing packages , alternative treatment options like Ayurveda, naturopathy, travel and cab arrangements, hotel and service apartments booking at discounted rates.

The rates mentioned in the above packages are indicative rates based on standard facilities and treatment, and are subject to change based on the clinical evaluation, treatment and requirement of the patient. The treatment cost given above are for the major procedures. If you don’t find the Cost for the treatment you are looking for please contact us. we shall give you the estimated cost for your requirement. 

The variable factors shall include

1) Number of days of hospital stay

2) Type of the room preferred by the patient

3) Any additional /coexisting disease management

4) Patient response and post-operative care requirements. The medical experts shall review the medical records of the individual patient and recommend the type of treatment and cost to the patient.