What you want to know about Heart Transplant

Heart Transplant is required when the heart is failing so severe that it cant respond to other treatments. But the person’s overall health condition is good.

When a person is suffering from the following condition he may require a new heart to Survive.  Read the other post here to keep the heart healthy.

  1. Dilated Cardiac Myopathy
  2. Coronary Artery Disease, due to the scar created by previous heart attacks
  3. Birth defects of the heart.

But for other conditions also heart transplant is carried out. The candidates for whom the conventional medical therapy has not helped and the heart transplant are estimated to have less than one year to live.  The other types of candidates are whom requiring other surgical options and excluded because of the poor condition of the heart.

Specialists performing heart transplant procedure use innovative techniques with excellent results. Surgeons also perform multiorgan transplant procedures in children. Doctors trained in many areas work together as a team carry out the surgery to treat people who need heart transplants.

Heart transplantation is a relatively simple operation for a cardiac surgeon among other cardiac surgeries. Heart transplantation procedure consists of three operations.

The first operation is harvesting the heart from the donor. The donor of the heart is usually from a person suffered irreversible brain injury, called “brain death”. The victim’s organs, other than the brain, are working well with the help of medications and other “life support”. They will also be attached to a respirator or other devices. Once the brain death of the donor is determined A team of physicians, nurses, and technicians harvest donated organs. The removed heart to be transplanted will be transported on a special box and kept alive until the heart can be implanted.  The harvested heart can live up to 6 hours and hence the transportation of organ to the recipient’s place is very crucial.

The second operation is the procedure of removing the recipient’s damaged heart. Removing the damaged heart can be easy or difficult, depending on whether the recipient has had previous heart surgery. If there has been previous surgery, cutting through the scar tissue may prolong the removal of the heart.

The third operation is probably the easiest. The donor’s heart is implanted to the recipient. Lately, this operation basically involves the creation of lines of stitches (Usually only five stitches), or “anastomosis”. These suture lines connect the large blood vessels entering and leaving the heart. Remarkably, if there are no such complications, most patients who have had a heart transplant are home about one week after the surgery. The Organ transplantation would not be possible without the generosity of donors and their families.

Who are the candidates for Heart Transplant?

  • There are not enough donor hearts available for everyone who may need a heart transplant. Hence, there is a careful selection process. This is to ensure that hearts are distributed to the most deserving patient who will benefit most.
  • The heart is just a pump to circulate blood throughout the body, although a complicated pump. Most patients require a heart transplant as their hearts are weak. Moreover, their heart can no longer pump well enough to supply blood with oxygen and nutrients to the organs of the body. A smaller number of patients have a good pump, but a bad “electrical conduction system” of the heart. This electrical system determines the rate, rhythm, and sequence of contraction of the heart muscle. There are all kinds of problems that can occur with the conduction system, including complete interruption of cardiac function causing sudden cardiac death.
  • In India, Heart Transplant Cost would range between 50kto 100k.
  • CMT helps you from initial evaluation and consultation with doctors throughout the, explaining the process and the statutory requirements and other important timelines.

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